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BCS News Dec 11th 2014

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History Trip to Krakow

We would like to welcome home our Senior History students who travelled to Poland last weekend. Their tour included a walking tour of the historic city of Krakow, a visit to Oscar Schindler’s factory museum and a day trip to Auschwitz- Buchenwald concentration camp. Pupils also visited the salt mines of the city as well as having time to experience the beautiful Christmas markets.

The four day tour proved a most enjoyable and educational experience for both pupils and staff and one which will benefit them greatly in their preparation for their Leaving Certificate exams. We would like to congratulate this group on their excellent behaviour and participation, ensuring a most enjoyable experience for all. Videos and photos of the trip are available to view on the school website through flickr.


History students in Auschwitz-Buckenwald

Concentration Camp



Guided Tour around Krakow

Transition Year News

Work Experience

As part of the transition year programme at BCS we are given the opportunity to go on two weeks work experience; one in November and the other in March. I chose to go to Paidre Pio Rest Home in Cappoquin because I am interested in a career in that area when I am older. The staff were all very welcoming and willing to bring me around with them, introducing me to all the patients and showing me all the different things they do with the residents. When I first arrived on Monday morning I was given a tour of the home and a brief introduction to personal hygiene. I was then assigned to a care assistant who I helped for the day, mainly watching what she was doing and learning as the residents got up, were fed and washed.

As the week went on I became more independent and could do more of the work on my own so I could definitely say that I enjoyed the work more as the week went on. I loved talking to the residents and helping them where I was needed. I really enjoyed helping the nurses because I fund the work they do very interesting; such as dressing wounds, checking blood sugar levels, taking blood pressure and handling the medication. I also helped out at meal times, handing out the residents’ food, making tea and assisting those who struggled with feeding themselves. I really enjoyed my work experience at Padre Pio Rest Home and definitely would be more inclined to pursue a career in healthcare after this experience. (By Laura Murray)

Work Experience – By Sarah Daunt

As part of our Transition Year programme we did a week of Work Experience from the 10th to the 14th of November. I spent three days working with a Show jumper in his yard and with all his horses.

I had always admired his riding style and how he worked his horses, so the opportunity to work with him was absolutely amazing! A lot of the work I did was physical work so it was very tiring, but I enjoyed every bit of it, even the toughest work I enjoyed! Just to be working there was fantastic and I enjoyed every bit of it.

On another day I spent working in an office that specialised in Liquidations, and that was interesting because I got to learn a lot and learned more about what’s needed in the work place. On the last day of work experience I went to the Criminal Courts in Cork and viewed some cases that were on that day. I wanted there to be some really exciting and interesting cases, but there wasn’t really, mostly burglary and theft. Overall I enjoyed work experience a lot and found it very worthwhile and learned lots of new skills.

Work Experience by Sarah Mc Carthy

I did my first week of work experience in Carlow, with my aunt, looking at Social Care, and what Social workers do and deal with on a daily bases. I had an interest in Social Care, so I was delighted when i heard that my aunt and her colleagues would take me on for a week.

On the first day, my supervisor introduced me to social care and asked if I had any questions about the work. I then was given old cases to look at and read through, before I was given examples on how to deal with those certain issues. I was extremely interested in this case and how they dealt with the issues so professionally.

From my work experience, I've gained a wide variety of skills such as,  interpersonal skills, gave me more confidence and helped me look at things in a mature manner. Everyday I did the same things, such as looking at old cases, giving my own perspective on the cases and looking how my supervisors dealt with it.

Before I did my work experience, I was really interested in social care and work, but after having the experience, I wouldn't like that to be my future job, as I found it difficult to look at certain cases and to deal with them.

I  am honoured that I got the opportunity to look at social care, as I know now that I wouldn’t see myself working as a social worker when I leave school.

Harty Cup

Last week our Harty Cup team met West Limerick Colleges in the fifth round of the Harty games in Charleville and were defeated by them finishing fourth in their group.


Munster Final

Congratulations to all involved with Modeligo Junior hurlers who won the Junior Club Munster Final in Mallow last weekend.


LCA visit to St Carthages

Well done to our LCA group of students who visited St Carthages on Monday and presented two Christmas Cakes to the residents. These cakes had been made and decorated by the group in their Cookery classes over the last few weeks.






BCS News Dec 1st 2014

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Blackwater Community School News


CSPE Action Project  report on recent Trips

3E CSPE Trip

The 3E class of Blackwater Community School recently visited Collins Army Barracks in  Cork on the 10/11/14. Firstly with met with Jim Horgan, he gave us a tour of the museum and told us about the history of the barracks. Then we net with Lt. Diarmuid Barry. He showed us a video of what kind of training they did. He allowed us to ask a few questions about his job, his training and the machines. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and we would like to thanks Collins Barracks again for the tour (By Robyn Roche).

3C C.S.P.E. Action Project

On Thursday the 6th of November the 3C class along with our teacher, Ms. Ahearne went on our C.S.P.E. Action Project to the C.S.P.C.A. in Mahon, Cork. The centre was opened in 2007 to care for abandoned and abused animals in the Cork city and county area. The C.S.P.C.A. takes in a wide range of animals including, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, frogs, fish, snakes and once they even cared for two pot belly pigs! The centre has recently opened facilities to care for abused and abandoned horses. The C.S.P.C.A. relies completely on donations from the public to keep the centre open.

The 3C class would like to thank the C.S.P.C.A. for facilitating our visit as part of our Action Project. We would also like to thank our principal, year head, tutor and teachers for permitting us to go on the trip (By Karen Looby).


Harty Cup this week

Best of luck to the senior Harty squad who take on West Limerick Colleges in Charleville this Wednesday in round 5 of the Harty championship.


Activities this week

On Monday evening our first year Mass took place for students  and their parents  and is always a great time to reflect at this time of year. First years had a soccer match on Monday and the under 14 girls soccer play against Abbey Community School on Wednesday. On Thursday our sixth years will be carol singing in Lismore so your generosity would be  greatly appreciated  with all monies collected going to local organisations. Transition years will head to cork ice skating on Thursday .

Club Activities

Well done to all involved with the Cappoquin Intermediate hurling team on capturing the Munster Club title last week in Mallow against Bruff. Best of luck to Modeligo  Junior hurlers who compete in the Munster junior club final this weekend at the same venue.

Transition Year News- OMG TY 2K14/15

My Work Experience

In our school as part of the Transition Year programme every student spends a week working in a place of their choosing. I have just completed my first week of work experience this year.

I went to an opticians in Helsinki city centre in Finland. I thought the work experience was great. I saw what it was like to work in an opticians. I cleaned the shop, helped with orders, and went to the post office with deliveries. I was also allowed to observe and perform an eye exam.

I found the work very interesting and worth while. The lady who owned the opticians, Minna, was very nice and welcoming. The highlight of my week was helping with the eye exam, as I have always been interested in what the eye test proves and how it works.

I learnt lots of new skills when I went there, for example, how to communicate well with customers, and how to use the equipment with care.

The work experience was very valuable to me as I now know that even though I found the work experience good, I won’t be interested in pursuing it as a career. (by Maud Farrow TYB)


Work experience

As part of my Transition Year course I had to do a week of work experience from the 10 November to the 14 November. I went to the Garda Síochána in Blanchardstown, Dublin.


I was based in Blanchardstown Garda Station. My supervisors were Peter and Tommy. There was twelve other TY students on the work experience course with me. On the first day we were all very quiet and shy, and the atmosphere was very awkward, but come Friday we were all chatting laughing and asking questions.

As a group we travelled around to all the different divisions in the Garda Síochána, such as the mounted division, Ballistics, Fraud and Photography. At each place we went to an expert in that sector was kind enough to show us around, tell us about the work they do and answer any and all questions that we had. They were all encouraged lots of questions and interaction. I was very impressed by everything I saw and heard.

My favourite division was the Ballistics because we were able to carry out our own mock crime scene investigation, and we were showed their storage rooms for all the different types of guns and even hold some deactivated ones! The expert in this sector walked us through all the clues in the investigation. I was very impressed as to how we were able to solve the whole crime by looking at a single mould taken from the ground of the crime scene. If I was to become a garda this is the sector I would aim to become a part of. I loved my work experience and would highly recommend this course to any Transition Year’s now or in the future. Even if you don’t want to be a garda this is still an amazing experience to have and is very worthwhile.( by Roxanne Barrans)



Mark reports

For my Work Experience I spent the week working from the 10th of November to the 14th at two jobs. From Monday to Wednesday I worked at the Cliff House Hotel and for Thursday and Friday I worked at the Dungarvan Leader. Overall I loved the experience and learned a lot from my short glimpse into the real world. I would definitely consider getting a part time, Saturday job after this experience.


My favourite job was my first job at the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore. It is a beautifully designed, five-star hotel with a Michelin star restaurant overlooking the sea and I was in awe when I saw it. I spent three days working as a porter in the hotel with my supervisor. As porter I generally welcomed guests to the hotel by being as polite and upbeat as possible. I also was told to study the facilities of the hotel so I could familiarize the guests with the spa, pool, restaurant and the different floors of the hotel. I also was asked to carry the guests bags to their rooms. I got three tips from guests during my time at the Cliff House and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the responsibility I was given and was eager to do more challenging jobs. It was great to see the workings of a five-star hotel as there were no weak links in the hotel staff and I learned the true meaning of perfection. Funnily enough I also feel I've learned to smile more as it makes such a difference to who you’re talking to. The work in the Cliff House Hotel also included  hoovering and cleaning I had to do on these very quiet days. This wasn't by any means a dent on my experience as I enjoyed cleaning but it wasn't my favourite job to do either. On Thursday I worked at the Dungarvan Leader. I  enjoyed the insight I got on a career in journalism I'd consider having down the line. I took this job as I love English and I'm therefore interested in journalism. I was asked to write an article on a topic such as sport or film on Microsoft Word. I chose to do a review on the film Saving Private Ryan. Although it might seem boring I was never bored when writing this article. After writing this article I had a photograph taken of me and the editor helped put my article on the front page of the newspaper. It was fantastic to see the process of fitting in different articles and ads on the newspapers and I know a lot more about a career I'm interested in which was my main goal for this experience.


Finally this experience was definitely worthwhile and I'm genuinely surprised at how much I've learned. I now feel a lot more confident than last year and I'm willing to be thrown into the deep end and be independent. The mystery of the real world has vanished and life after school feels a lot less scary and a lot more manageable.( Mark Roche)



Work Experience – Week 1 by Rachel Delaney

As part of Transition Year we get 2 weeks during the year to experience work life.The work experience are on the 10th-14th of November and 23rd- 29th March. For my first work week I went to The Old Imperial Hotel in Youghal. On Monday and Wednesday I worked in the reception with Phyl. She showed me how to check people in and out of the hotel how to look at the emails from people who were booking rooms and making general enquiries. I got to have a look at the rooms which I must say were amazing. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the morning I worked in the kitchen. I got to make mince pies, apple tarts, cookies, roux for soups and got to chop vegetables each day. In the afternoon I went into reception and worked with Erin. She showed ,me how to answer calls and as the week progressed I got more confident and I was able to manage the reception without assistance. When Erin would go help in the bar, the kitchen or just with customers I was left to answer the calls and welcome people to the hotel. I really enjoyed every single day there. The staffs were very welcoming, warm and they all said I was friendly and helpful which was a real boost to my confidence. To be able to work in the reception was fun because it was a different experience to a normal day. I found it hard to leave as I meet a lot of lovely people and I am looking forward to my second work experience in March.

School Prospectus

The latest school prospectus and the application forms for Blackwater Community School are now available to download online.

For further information please visit the download page here

Open Night 2014

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Open Night

The BCS Open Night for incoming students for 2015/2016  along with their parents will take place next Monday night  November 24th from 6.30pm to 9 pm. This will allow you to see the wonderful facilities of our school as you get a guided tour and chat with students and staff. The enrolment form will be available on that night and the Principal’s  address will take place at 8.15pm.

BCS News November 2014

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Parent Teacher Meeting

A Parent Teacher meeting for students and parents of third year will take place this Thursday  November 20th between  4pm and 6pm.

Munster Bound

Well done to  those involved with Modeligo Junior hurlers on their victory over Feohanagh-Castlemahon of Limerick to advance to the Munster final in Mallow on Dec 7th . Congrats also to the Nire senior football team who also advance to the Munster Club Final after a nailbiting ending to their semi final game against Cratloe of Clare . We  wish the best of luck to Cappoquin Intermediate hurlers who play their Munster Intermediate Club Final this Saturday against Bruff in Mallow.

Harty Cup

Best of luck to our Harty senior team who compete against Thurles CBS in the third round of the Harty Championship this Wednesday.

Leaving Cert student receives award

Congratulations to Susan Williams  who received an award from the IASTA recently for obtaining the highest grade in the country in her Leaving Cert  Agricultural Science paper this summer.

Transition Year Activities - OMG TY 2K14/15

The TY Hike

On the 24th of October, seventy four of the TY students headed off at nine in the morning to the Comeragh mountains. We came equipped for the day with proper walking shoes, rain coats and plenty of food. It was a cold and crisp day with no rain. Close enough to ten o’ clock we started our hike. We found our way through a forest until we got to the foot of our first uphill climb. After about twenty five minutes of walking we reached the lake. Here we stopped for a ten minute break and something to eat. After receiving more instructions we began the really difficult part. We stood at the lake, looking up at the top of the mountain we were told we would be reaching. At first we thought our teachers were joking, but they were not. The hike which followed was extremely long, very steep and quite slippery too. It included rock climbing, clinging to anything nearby and a lot of falling. The journey upwards was very tough on your legs and seemed to have no end, while coming back down was no easier. When we got back to the lake we sat down for lunch and a well-deserved break. Two of our classmates jumped into the glacial lake even though by now it was cold enough just sitting around. After this we went back to the bus. We landed back at the school at quarter past three. The hike was tough but we had great fun throughout the day. Although my clothes were filthy and my legs were tired it was still one of the most enjoyable days of TY so far. (by Emily Devine)


TY Hike Friday October 24th 2014.

We set off at nine o’clock sharp on the cold dry morning of the24th, seventy-four students and seven teachers in tow. All excited, eager and full of chatter for what lay ahead. We travelled by bus to our destination, the Comeragh mountains. We arrived at Kicooney Woods at around ten o’clock. We were given clear instructions of what was expected of us on our hike and hazards to be aware of as we walked. We were told we would walk for one hour to the lake and then have a break before making our ascent up the mountain.

We all set off full of enthusiasm but it is safe to say that it was short lived. The demand the hike was taking on our physical fitness was soon evident. Everyone did what they had to do to reach the lake and the majority of us collapsed on arrival longing for a break. We rested for about twenty minutes and psyched ourselves for what would be the toughest part of our hike the ascent. It’s amazing what a tough situation like that can do to a group of people, it really bonded as a year. We used teamwork and encouragement to help each other get to the top, no one was left behind. The view from the top of the mountain down onto the lake and over the county of Waterford was spectacular; no photo could do the view justice. I felt like I was on top of the world, it made the trek up there well worth it. The whole way up the weather had been relatively good, dry, and cloudy with the occasional bursts of sunshine. However, by the time we reached the top things had changed it became bitterly cold and windy it also began to rain and the fog set it in. the teachers made the executive decision to turn back and make our descent down the mountain instead of going around to the other side. We slipped, crawled and slumped down the mountain on our bottoms laughing the whole way.

By the time we got back to the lake everyone was exhausted and in good need of a break for some food and rest. Two brave souls decided to jump into the lake and the whole year cheered them on, safe to say it was pretty cold! We then all packed up and made the headed back to the bus exhausted but in high spirits. We arrived back to the school just before the final bell. A great day was had by all and it showed us what is available in our local area that we would have never known of before. (By Hannah Glavin)


Work Experience

I did my first week of work experience in Lismore Heritage Centre. I chose this place because I am very interested in science and history and for me the Heritage Centre covered both aspects. Many of the places I was originally interested in did not offer work experience, but my time in the Heritage Centre was very enjoyable and well worth it.

Working at the Lismore Heritage Centre was a fantastic experience. During the week I learnt many new skills and I was given various responsibilities. On the first day I was taught how to answer the phone and work the coffee machine and cash register. I was also shown a video on the history of Lismore which I found very interesting. I had the responsibility to organise and layout the Christmas stock in the gift shop, help customers to the best of my ability and monitor the phone and take calls when necessary.  Some of the skills I gained were people skills, being calm under pressure, organisational skills, and being a good team player.

The highlight of my work experience was a science show from the London Science Museum. Many primary schools from the different places around the area came to see it. It gave me good experience in working with large groups of children. The show was on electricity and had an amazing display of the power of the Tesla Coil created by Nikola Tesla. It had many other displays and information on famous scientists.

Overall I think my work experience went very well and gave me a good insight into the working world. The Lismore Heritage Centre is involved in a lot more activities than I expected. I learned I would defiantly enjoy a job in the history or science field and I enjoy team work a lot more than I expected. (by Sam Flynn)

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